24 Best Romantic Destinations In Europe

Europe is the perfect destination for a romantic city break. Paris is the city of eternal love, Venice is passionate lovers’ destination and Prague the perfect destination for a romantic getaway at low cost. Discover the best romantic destinations to celebrate Valentine’s Day, a wedding anniversary, a honeymoon trip, a birthday present, a wedding or just to spend a romantic stay with your beloved.

1. Gdansk, Poland

2. Cordoba, Spain

3. Colmar, France

4. Zagreb, Croatia

5. Santorini, Greece

6. Portofino, Italy

7. Bruges, Belgium

8. Sintra, Portugal

9. Metz, France

10. Lucerne, Switzerland

11. vienna, austria

12. Paris, France

13. Dordogne, France

14. kotor, Montenegró

15. Budapest, Hungary

16. Dinant, Belgium

17. Mykonos, Greece

18. Verona, Italy

19. Bratislava, Slovakia

20. Brussels, Belgium

21. Prague, Czech Republic

22. Dubrovnik, Croatia

23. Strasbourg, France

24. South Tyrol, Italy


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