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20 Elegant and Eye-Grabbing Beard Styles

If you are considering changing your look, getting a beard may be the best way for it. There are a lot of beard styles that can give you a handsome fresh look. Besides, beards are becoming trendy and stylish. If you want to grow a bear, you will find these 20 elegant and eye-grabbing beard styles inspirational and worth trying.


  1. Beard styles for a shaved head

20 Elegant and Eye-Grabbing Beard Styles

Beards look fabulous with bald heads. Many women favor bald men with beards. This style is perfect when you are suffering from hair loss or you have a bad hairline.

2. Tousled thick bird

Beard Styles

This tousled thick beard is definitely one of the best beard styles. It is very attractive and easy to maintain. Besides, it looks very natural.


3. Light beard with a mustache

Beard Styles

This is one of the most traditional beard styles. This traditional beard design is still popular and trendy. It will offer you a handsome and masculine look.


4. Beard with Fade

Beard Styles

Fades are sexy and they look good on any guy. Besides, they are easy to copy and any barber can do them. If you want a trendy look, you should opt for this beard style.


5. Well-shaped beard

Beard Styles

A well-shaped beard will give you a very elegant and stylish look.


6. Thick Beard

Beard Styles

For a strong masculine look, you should try to grow a thick bird. It suits any look and it will look fabulous with any hairstyle.


7. Cool Beard Shape

Beard Styles

This is one of the coolest beard styles. You don’t need to go to the barber shop to get this beard, you can trim it yourself. It is also easy to maintain.

8. Faded Beard

Beard Styles

This is one of the most popular beard styles. Faded beards are cute, modern and very attractive. Besides, they are also low maintenance.


9. Full Beard

Beard Styles

Full beards are very trendy and popular because they are versatile and they get along with any hairstyle whether it is short, medium or long. They can stand alone or you can combine them with a mustache. If your hair is not soft enough to get have a full beard, you can always use some beard oil.


10. Goatee

Beard Styles

If you can’t grow a full long beard, a goatee is an excellent choice for you. Goatee beards are quite simple and you can have them in any variation you want. You can have a goatee with or without a mustache.


11. Light Full Beard

Beard Styles

If you want to get a full beard but you don’t want to wait months till your beard grow, you should definitely opt for this beard style.


12. Long Beard

Beard Styles

This is one of the sexiest beard styles. Long beards are very attractive and they can be shaped in different styles and ways. They are also suitable whether your hair is thick or thin.


13. Trimmed Beard


This is one of the simplest beard styles. A trimmed bear is easy to get and it requires minimum maintenance which makes it an excellent choice for busy men.


14. Modern beard

Modern beards are simple and quite charming. They will add elegance and chicness to your appearance. Besides, they look gorgeous with long hair.


15. Long thick beard

Long thick beards are not only stylish but also hot and sexy. It takes a few months to grow a long beard but patience is required for beauty.


16. Short Beard

This short bear is beautifully shaped. It looks very sexy and elegant. This simple short beard will add dimensions to your facial features.


17. Long fade beard

This long fade beard is beautiful, simple and low maintenance. It is stylish and it is perfect for any short hairstyle.


18. light beard

This beard style should be your choice if this is your first time to grow a bear. You can check how it makes you look then you can decide whether to keep growing it or not.


19. Thick Beard

Growing a thick bear usually takes a couple of months. Thick bears are simple, attractive and they blend in with any hairstyle.

20. Van Dyke Beard

Van Dyke Beard is quite similar to a goatee beard the only difference that Van Dyke beard requires a mustache. This beard style will add confidence to your look.

These are the best beard styles. These beards will add a masculinity and handsomeness to your look. Besides, they are easy to maintain.

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