15 Fabulous Channel Shoes You Shouldn’t Miss

There is no doubt that Channel shoes are classy, elegant and beautiful. They are always wearable. You can wear them to work, to a party or to a date. Channel always comes up with special stylish shoes for all occasions. In this article, we will display 15 fabulous channel shoes that you will definitely like. Scroll down and enjoy this collection.

  1. Two-Tone Slingbacks

Channel Shoes 1

This is one of the most classic channel shoes. This two-toned design was released in 1957 and it has been trending ever since. This design is available in many colors including the original nude and black colors. If you want to purchase one of these shoes, go to Channel. 



2. Two-Tone Ballerina

Channel Shoes 2

This two-tone ballerina is truly iconic. They are perfect for ladies who want to show femininity and elegance. These ballerina shoes have maintained their elegant classic shape. They are also very comfortable. You can be them here.



3. Black Lace-Ups

Channel Shoes 3

These Goatskin Black Lace-Ups are very popular and trendy. They are very beautiful, chic and comfy. They are ideal to wear with office outfits and street style outfits. They cost $875 and they are available only in black.




4. Two-Tone Espadrilles

Channel Shoes 4

Channel Espadrilles are the perfect shoes for casual days. They are quite affordable and they get along with any outfit. Besides, they are also comfy. Getting a Channel Espadrille would be a good investment of your money.



5. Chanel Ecru and Gold Sneakers
Channel Shoes 5

This is one of the chicest Channel shoes. This sneaker is stylish, sporty and most of all extremely warm and comfy. It is one of the best fall shoes. Having sneakers mandatory for any girl. Girls always need sneakers and if you are planning on buying one, you should definitely get this one.




6. Knee Leather Boots

Channel Shoes 6

If you love wearing leather boots, then you came to the right place. This Channel leather boot is suitable for all occasions. It looks gorgeous and it goes perfectly with any outfit. You can wear it from day to night and from office to party. Besides, it is not expensive. You can get It at Channel for $1,500.



7. Suede Short Boots

Channel Shoes 7

This is a must-have boot for any girl. This boot looks super cute and it is perfect for heavy duties. It is extremely sturdy, warm, and comfy. It features thick outsole,  a slightly punk vibe, heel, tongue, and flap over the laces. It is available at Channel for $1,950.




8. Calfskin Pumps

Channel Shoes 8

This is one of the most elegant Channel shoes. These pumps are light, comfy and adorable. They are perfect to wear with winter dresses or Christmas dresses. Every girl should have pumps like these. They cost  $850 on Channel. 



9. Velvet Strappy Mules

Channel Shoes 9

This is one of the most beautiful Channel shoes this season. This Velvet Strappy Mule is mesmerizing. It is the ideal choice if you want to show up elegant and sexy for a special evening. This mule will definitely wow your friends. You can purchase it for Channel for $1,050. 




10. Pointed Toe Lace-Ups

Channel Shoes 10

These autumnal lace-ups are perfect to wear in fall and winter. They are the latest Channel trends. They are distinguished by their unique fantastical golden color. These lace-ups will look gorgeous with any outfit. You can buy them here.



11. Leather Loafers
Channel Shoes 11

Loafers are popular casual shoes. They are popular because they are fashionable and comfy. Channel loafers beside being comfy, they are also classy and elegant which make them perfect for professionals. Thes loafers are available in Ivory and Black and they cost $850. 



12. Black Suede Thigh-Highs

Channel Shoes 12

This is one of the most astonishing Channel shoes for this season. These knee boots may be the best Channel Boots for 2019’s winter. They are so chic and versatile. You can wear them basically with anything. If you don’t buy these fascinating boots now, you may regret it for the rest of your life.




13. Lambskin Sandals

Channel Shoes 13

Thee cute sandals are available in blue and red. They are super cool. You can wear them with any casual or formal outfit and they will look beautiful. Channel offers you these sandals for $950.




14. Patent Pumps

Channel Shoes 14

These beige channel pumps are sexy and sophisticated. They are made of leather. They are ideal for all occasions. You can wear them with dresses or jumpsuits.


15. Golden Mules

Channel Shoes 15

This is one of the coolest Channel shoes. They are made of shiny durable goatskin. They are ideal to spend the weekends in a comfy shoe. You can have them for 800 USD. 


These are some of the newest Channel shoes. These shoes are astonishing, affordable and extremely stylish. You should have one of them in your wardrobe. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletters to get the newest fashion trends.

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